Sunday, 11 March 2012

The pressure increases for co-ordinated corporate tax

France and Germany have moved a step closer to a full fiscal union by announcing a harmonisation of their corporate tax rates by 2013. The proposals are “a first step towards more European coherence” and support the “Euro-Plus Pact,” setting out rules for economic and fiscal co-ordination, which not all member-states signed.

The move will join France and Germany in a single “aligned” rate of business tax, known as a common consolidated corporate tax base, as a prelude to its introduction throughout the EU—a development that Enda Kenny has described as hugely damaging for Ireland’s low-tax regime.

But it won’t be long now until his mettle is tested, as the “own resources” provisions of the Lisbon Treaty come home to roost. Just to remind readers, he promised “constructive engagement".

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