Thursday, 1 March 2012

Does he think we’re complete idiots?

The Taoiseach says that Ireland’s acceptance of the EU Permanent Austerity Treaty will not condemn the country to further years of austerity. In the same breath he also rejected the suggestion that Ireland had lobbied the EU to draft the text of the fiscal compact in a manner that would avoid a constitutional referendum in Ireland.

Even the Irish Times has reported extensively on the shenanigans in Brussels as the EU civil servants struggled to give the Fine Gael-Labour coalition a dig-out.

Kenny, flying in the face of all the evidence, and knowing that he had agreed to a debt reduction of 3 per cent per year over the next twenty years, predicted that Ireland would experience growth, not recession.

It seems that he is either incompetent, a liar, or a fool; but then maybe we’re being a bit too kind and he is simply a tool of Brussels, big business and the Bundesbank. In any case he is doing inestimable damage to the country and the people he purports to “lead.”

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