Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Peoples News 130

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Lies and damned lies

Page 3

Failed TPP talks vindicate concerns on medicines and investor rights

Page 3

People’s Movement on Facebook

Page 4

Building the EU Core

Page 6

Christine Lagarde, Greece and the American military-industrial complex

Page 6

Meanwhile in Greece

Page 7

More of the same

Page 9

The power of lobbyists in Brussels

Page 11

Ireland’s standard of living below EU average

Page 11

German organisations unite to oppose TTIP and CETA

Page 12

ECB “disappointed”with lack of convergence - a failure of the euro project

Page 13

“Whatever it takes”fails to deliver

Page 14

TTIP would reward American companies without any recriprocal benefit
for Europeans

Page 15

“Neutral”Ireland’s arms industry is making billions

Page 16

Greasing the wheels of German trade with Greece

Page 17

Iceland and Ireland: who’s recovering better?

Page 19

“Helping”David Cameron

Page 20

Goldman Sachs hires Fogh Rasmussen as adviser

Page 20

Ryanair and Dublin’s role undermining labour

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