Monday, 2 March 2015

People's News 120: 1/March 2015

Below is link to latest issue of People’s News. 
It is sent fortnightly and contains information and comment on EU developments from an Irish and democratic perspective. 

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Page 1

The mirage of “Social Europe” laid bare again

Page 1

Ukraine, the EU and Russia

Page 3

12 million Germans are classes as “poor” claims a German welfare association

Page 4

Greece baiting seems to have become the favourite sport of the political and media elite

Page 6

Master of the universe. Michael O’Leary has never hidden his plans for world domination

Page 6

TTIP points to the demise of the public health service

Page 8

Government prepared for the collapse of euro zone

Page 8

A lacklustre defence of public services 

Page 9

Legal challenge to plain cigarette packaging

Page 10

Another EU con job

Page 12

“Greece should leave the Euro” - former French President

Page 12

Ireland continues to suffer from CFP

Page 13

TTIP and for-profit colleges

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