Tuesday, 3 February 2015

People's News 118

Download PDF file - http://www.people.ie/news/PN-118.pdf


Page 1

EU may take another blow to its legitimacy

Page 1

TEEU warns against corporations being given the power to dictate to Governments

Page 3

Meeting in Galway on TTIP and CETA

Page 3 

Scrap TTIP and CETA demonstration - 4th February

Page 3

Is QE another blow for euro?

Page 4 

Scary stuff

Page 4

Surely not

Page 5

Greece will not be taken for granted

Page 5

Germany's past must be confronted

Page 7

Greek election strengthens Canadian opposition to CETA 

Page 8

A roadmap to corporate plunder

Page 8

Lobbying organisations' culture of secrecy

Page 11

British politician highlights EU/Partition contradiction

Page 12

"Light" and "darkness according to Brussels

Page 13

ECB intensifies power grab

Page 14

New Greek PM at national shrine to resistance

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