Friday, 20 May 2011

More broken promises – remember?

Irish voters were promised a special Treaty Protocol on (a) Neutrality, (b) Irelands right to decide its own company taxation and (c) the constitutional position on abortion, in the next EU Treaty.
At the time it was thought that this would be the EU Accession Treaty for Croatia or Iceland. Now to establish the ESM, (a) the Lisbon Treaty will be amended and the amendment ratified by all EU Member States and (b) The ESM will be established by a treaty among the euro-area Member States binding the EU Member States signatories.

The Government and the Opposition parties that foisted the Lisbon Treaty on the Irish people have an obligation to tell us why it is impossible for them to have the promised Protocol now. As well as this promised Protocol itself, the Government promised during the 2009 Lisbon Treaty referendum that it intended registering the agreement to give Ireland a Protocol with the United Nations in New York. Has this been done? If not, why not?

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